March 2017 Open Thread

This post aims is to give blog readers and followers of the Open Philanthropy Project an opportunity to publicly raise comments or questions about the Open Philanthropy Project or related topics (in the comments section below). As always, you’re also welcome to email us at if there’s feedback or questions you’d prefer to discuss privately. We’ll try to respond promptly to questions or comments.

You can see our previous open thread here.


Are there ways for those outside the organization to contribute to the Open Philanthropy Project’s work?

I am a recent college graduate currently working as a security analyst. While my focus right now is “building career capital” I’d really like to stay close to this type of work in my free time if for no other reasons than to learn and keep myself motivated.

“We’ve also updated in favor of the “expert” model of philanthropy described in this blog post.”

What were 1-2 of the driving factors behind updating to the expert model, rather than a broad model?

What a few constraints on Open Phil, as you see them? i.e. “if we had X, we’d be able to make more progress”

How often do you explore and consider completely new focus areas, and is there any process for doing so?

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