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Worldview Diversification December 13, 2016 Holden Karnofsky
Will Companies Make Good on Cage-Free Pledges? August 20, 2019 Lewis Bollard
Why GiveWell Labs? September 12, 2011 Holden Karnofsky
Why Are the US Corporate Cage-Free Campaigns Succeeding? April 11, 2017 Lewis Bollard
Why a New Study of the Mariel Boatlift Has Not Changed Our Views on the Benefits of Immigration October 21, 2015 David Roodman
What Large-Scale Philanthropy Focuses On Today May 8, 2012 Holden Karnofsky
US Cochrane Center (USCC) Gets Our First "Quick Grant" Recommendation September 27, 2012 Holden Karnofsky
Updating My Risk Estimate for the Geomagnetic "Big One" June 21, 2017 David Roodman
Update on Partnerships with External Donors May 16, 2018 Holden Karnofsky
Update on Open Philanthropy Project October 30, 2014 Holden Karnofsky
Update on Investigating Neglected Goals in Biological Research November 30, 2017 Nick Beckstead
Update on How We're Thinking about Openness and Information Sharing September 16, 2016 Holden Karnofsky
Update on GiveWell's Plans for 2013 March 14, 2013 Holden Karnofsky
Update on Cause Prioritization at Open Philanthropy January 26, 2018 Holden Karnofsky
Translational Science and the "Valley of Death" April 9, 2015 Holden Karnofsky
Trading Off Upside vs. Track Record January 19, 2012 Holden Karnofsky
Three Key Issues I've Changed My Mind About September 6, 2016 Holden Karnofsky
Thoughts on the Sandler Foundation February 24, 2015 Holden Karnofsky
The Track Record of Policy-Oriented Philanthropy November 6, 2013 Holden Karnofsky
The Role of Philanthropic Funding in Politics October 30, 2013 Holden Karnofsky
The Process of Hiring our First Cause-Specific Program Officer September 3, 2015 Holden Karnofsky
The Path to Biomedical Progress February 27, 2015 Holden Karnofsky
The Open Philanthropy Project Is Now an Independent Organization June 12, 2017 Holden Karnofsky
The Moral Value of the Far Future July 3, 2014 Holden Karnofsky
The Long-Term Significance of Reducing Global Catastrophic Risks August 13, 2015 Nick Beckstead
The Importance of Committing to Causes May 14, 2014 Holden Karnofsky
The First Case Study from Our History of Philanthropy Project March 25, 2014 Elie Hassenfeld
Technical and Philosophical Questions That Might Affect Our Grantmaking March 2, 2017 Luke Muehlhauser
Supporting the Launch of the Alliance for Safety and Justice February 10, 2016 Helen Toner
Supporting a New Technology Security Policy Think Tank February 28, 2019 Luke Muehlhauser
Suggestions for Individual Donors from Open Philanthropy Staff - 2019 December 18, 2019 Holden Karnofsky
Suggestions for Individual Donors from Open Philanthropy Project Staff - 2018 December 20, 2018 Holden Karnofsky
Suggestions for Individual Donors from Open Philanthropy Project Staff - 2017 December 21, 2017 Holden Karnofsky
Suggestions for Individual Donors from Open Philanthropy Project Staff - 2016 December 14, 2016 Holden Karnofsky
Suggestions for Individual Donors from Open Philanthropy Project Staff December 23, 2015 Holden Karnofsky
Strategic Cause Selection May 2, 2012 Holden Karnofsky
Statement from Kaitlyn Trigger & Mike Krieger: Why We're Partnering with the Open Philanthropy Project April 21, 2015 Kaitlyn & Mike Krieger
Staff Members’ Personal Donations for Giving Season 2017 December 18, 2017 Holden Karnofsky
Some History Behind Our Shifting Approach to Research July 20, 2012 Holden Karnofsky
Some Background on Our Views Regarding Advanced Artificial Intelligence May 6, 2016 Holden Karnofsky
Should the Open Philanthropy Project be Recommending More/Larger Grants? November 17, 2015 Holden Karnofsky
September 2016 Open Thread September 20, 2016 Holden Karnofsky
Scientific Research Funding December 26, 2013 Holden Karnofsky
Science Policy and Infrastructure April 21, 2015 Holden Karnofsky
Returns to Life Sciences Funding January 15, 2014 Holden Karnofsky
Reflections on Our 2018 Generalist Research Analyst Recruiting March 7, 2019 Luke Muehlhauser
Refining the Goals of GiveWell Labs May 30, 2013 Holden Karnofsky
Recent Board Meeting on GiveWell's Evolution September 21, 2012 Holden Karnofsky
Reasonable Doubt: A New Look at Whether Prison Growth Cuts Crime September 25, 2017 David Roodman
Radical Empathy February 16, 2017 Holden Karnofsky
Questions We Ask Ourselves Before Making a Grant August 6, 2019 Michael Levine
Projects, People and Processes June 26, 2017 Holden Karnofsky
Potential U.S. Policy Focus Areas May 29, 2014 Holden Karnofsky
Potential Risks from Advanced Artificial Intelligence: The Philanthropic Opportunity May 6, 2016 Holden Karnofsky
Potential Global Catastrophic Risk Focus Areas June 26, 2014 Alexander Berger
Possible Global Catastrophic Risks May 23, 2013 Holden Karnofsky
Philanthropy's Success Stories March 1, 2012 Holden Karnofsky
Partnership with The Pew Charitable Trusts July 24, 2014 Holden Karnofsky
Our ‘Second Chance’ Program for NIH Transformative Research Applicants December 20, 2017 Heather Youngs
Our Writeup on Criminal Justice Reform May 6, 2014 Holden Karnofsky
Our Updated Agenda for Science Philanthropy May 6, 2015 Holden Karnofsky
Our Progress in 2019 and Plans for 2020 May 8, 2020 Holden Karnofsky
Our Progress in 2018 and Plans for 2019 April 15, 2019 Holden Karnofsky
Our Progress in 2017 and Plans for 2018 March 20, 2018 Holden Karnofsky
Our Progress in 2016 and Plans for 2017 March 14, 2017 Holden Karnofsky
Our Progress in 2015 and Plans for 2016 April 29, 2016 Holden Karnofsky
Our Landscape of the Open Science Community July 11, 2013 Holden Karnofsky
Our Grantmaking So Far: Approach and Process February 9, 2016 Helen Toner
Open Philanthropy Project: Progress in 2014 and Plans for 2015 March 12, 2015 Holden Karnofsky
Open Philanthropy Project Update: U.S. Policy March 10, 2015 Holden Karnofsky
Open Philanthropy Project Update: Global Catastrophic Risks March 11, 2015 Holden Karnofsky
Open Philanthropy Project Update September 17, 2015 Holden Karnofsky
Open Philanthropy Project (formerly GiveWell Labs) August 20, 2014 Holden Karnofsky
October 2018 Open Thread October 15, 2018 Michael Levine
October 2017 Open Thread October 16, 2017 Holden Karnofsky
Objections and Concerns About Our New Direction June 22, 2012 Holden Karnofsky
Notes from November Convening on Our Policy Priorities February 19, 2015 Holden Karnofsky
New web app for calibration training December 14, 2018 Luke Muehlhauser
New Team Members July 15, 2016 Holden Karnofsky
New Staff in Operations, Programs, and Research April 10, 2019 Michael Levine
New Staff in Communications, Grants, Operations, Programs, and Research (2020) May 8, 2020 Michael Levine
New Report on the Welfare Differences Between Cage and Cage-Free Housing September 15, 2017 Ajeya Cotra
New Report on How Much Computational Power It Takes to Match the Human Brain September 11, 2020 Joseph Carlsmith
New Report on Early Field Growth April 26, 2017 Luke Muehlhauser
New Report on Consciousness and Moral Patienthood June 6, 2017 Luke Muehlhauser
New Job Opportunities February 14, 2018 Holden Karnofsky
Near-Term Grantmaking June 20, 2013 Holden Karnofsky
Narrowing down U.S. Policy Areas May 22, 2014 Holden Karnofsky
Modeling the Human Trajectory June 15, 2020 David Roodman
Meta-Research Update June 6, 2013 Holden Karnofsky
Meta-Research Innovation Center at Stanford (METRICS) April 23, 2014 Holden Karnofsky
Meta-Research June 11, 2012 Holden Karnofsky
Maybe the Murder Rate Levelled Off This Year? September 26, 2016 David Roodman
March 2017 Open Thread March 20, 2017 Holden Karnofsky
March 2016 Open Thread March 15, 2016 Catherine Hollander
Managing Funder-Grantee Dynamics Responsibly March 30, 2018 Michael Levine
Key Questions about Philanthropy, Part 3: Making and Evaluating Grants July 22, 2015 Holden Karnofsky
Key Questions about Philanthropy, Part 2: Choosing Focus Areas and Hiring Program Staff July 9, 2015 Holden Karnofsky
Key Questions about Philanthropy, Part 1: What is the Role of a Funder? June 23, 2015 Holden Karnofsky
Investigating Neglected Goals in Scientific Research March 26, 2015 Holden Karnofsky
Initial Grants to Support Corporate Cage-free Reforms March 31, 2016 Lewis Bollard
Incoming Program Officer: Lewis Bollard September 11, 2015 Holden Karnofsky
Incoming Program Officer for Criminal Justice Reform: Chloe Cockburn June 16, 2015 Holden Karnofsky
Incapacitation: How Much Does Putting People Inside Prison Cut Crime Outside? September 23, 2017 David Roodman
How to Approach Policy-Oriented Philanthropy November 21, 2013 Holden Karnofsky
How Feasible Is Long-range Forecasting? October 10, 2019 Luke Muehlhauser
Hits-based Giving April 4, 2016 Holden Karnofsky
History of Philanthropy Literature Review: Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs April 8, 2019 Holden Karnofsky
History of Philanthropy Case Study: The Impact of Philanthropy on the Passage of the Affordable Care Act September 2, 2015 Milan Griffes
History of Philanthropy Case Study: The Founding of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities May 20, 2016 Holden Karnofsky
History of Philanthropy Case Study: The Founding of the Center for Global Development June 15, 2016 Holden Karnofsky
History of Philanthropy Case Study: The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and State EITC Programs February 2, 2018 Luke Muehlhauser
History of Philanthropy Case Study: The Campaign for Marriage Equality September 20, 2018 Holden Karnofsky
History of Philanthropy Case Study: Pew and Drug Safety Legislation May 15, 2015 Elie Hassenfeld
History of Philanthropy Case Study: Clinton Health Access Initiative’s Role in Global Price Drops for Antiretroviral Drugs January 10, 2018 Holden Karnofsky
Grant to Center for Global Development (CGD) July 3, 2013 Holden Karnofsky
Good Ventures and Giving Now vs. Later (2016 Update) December 28, 2016 Holden Karnofsky
Giving Suggestions Pertaining to Recent Executive Actions February 9, 2017 Holden Karnofsky
GiveWell's Top Charities Are (Increasingly) Hard to Beat July 9, 2019 Alexander Berger
GiveWell's Plan for 2013: A Top-Level Decision February 21, 2013 Holden Karnofsky
GiveWell's Plan for 2012: Top-Level Priorities February 21, 2012 Holden Karnofsky
GiveWell's Plan for 2012: Specifics of Research February 22, 2012 Holden Karnofsky
GiveWell's History of Philanthropy/Philanthropy Journalism Project April 9, 2013 Elie Hassenfeld
GiveWell Labs: Plans for Our Process and Transparency September 20, 2011 Holden Karnofsky
GiveWell Labs: Our Criteria for Giving Opportunities October 11, 2011 Holden Karnofsky
GiveWell Labs Update and Priority Causes May 9, 2012 Holden Karnofsky
GiveWell Labs Update September 26, 2013 Holden Karnofsky
GiveWell Labs Update April 24, 2013 Holden Karnofsky
GiveWell Labs - Progress in 2013 and Plans for 2014 March 5, 2014 Holden Karnofsky
GiveWell and Good Ventures June 28, 2012 Holden Karnofsky
Geomagnetic Storms: Using Extreme Value Theory to Gauge the Risk July 13, 2015 David Roodman
Geomagnetic Storms: History's Surprising, if Tentative, Reassurance July 2, 2015 David Roodman
Geomagnetic Storms: An Introduction to the Risk June 29, 2015 David Roodman
Geoengineering Research October 16, 2013 Holden Karnofsky
Funder-Initiated Startups May 14, 2015 Holden Karnofsky
Forecasting the COVID-19 Pandemic March 18, 2020 Luke Muehlhauser
Fish: The Forgotten Farm Animal January 18, 2018 Lewis Bollard
Finding Giving Opportunities in Malaria Control/Elimination April 30, 2014 Elie Hassenfeld
Exploring Policy-Oriented Philanthropy October 24, 2013 Holden Karnofsky
Exploring Life Sciences Funding January 7, 2014 Holden Karnofsky
Explaining Our Bet on Sherlock Biosciences' Innovations in Viral Diagnostics June 10, 2019 Heather Youngs and Chris Somerville
Expert Philanthropy vs. Broad Philanthropy October 16, 2014 Holden Karnofsky
Empowerment and Catastrophic Risk July 18, 2013 Holden Karnofsky
Efforts to Improve the Accuracy of Our Judgments and Forecasts October 25, 2016 Luke Muehlhauser
Differential Technological Development: Some Early Thinking September 30, 2015 Nick Beckstead
Deterrence Is De Minimis September 24, 2017 David Roodman
Deep Investigations of New Causes October 10, 2013 Holden Karnofsky
David Roodman's Draft Writeup on Immigration and Current Residents' Wages September 3, 2014 Holden Karnofsky
Could Raising Alcohol Taxes Save Lives? July 30, 2015 David Roodman
Concrete Problems in AI Safety June 23, 2016 Holden Karnofsky
Coming Down to Earth: What if a Big Geomagnetic Storm Does Hit? August 21, 2015 David Roodman
Co-funding Partnership with Kaitlyn Trigger and Mike Krieger April 21, 2015 Holden Karnofsky
Co-funding Partnership with Ben Delo November 11, 2019 Holden Karnofsky
Change in our Fundraising Policy for the Open Philanthropy Project August 17, 2015 Elie Hassenfeld
Challenges of Transparency September 11, 2014 Holden Karnofsky
Challenges of Passive Funding April 18, 2013 Holden Karnofsky
Breakthrough Fundamental Science April 14, 2015 Holden Karnofsky
April 2018 Open Thread April 17, 2018 Holden Karnofsky
Annual Review and Plan Will be Delayed February 23, 2016 Holden Karnofsky
Announcing GiveWell Labs September 8, 2011 Holden Karnofsky
An Update to How We’re Thinking About Grant Check-Ins March 9, 2018 Morgan Davis
America's Recently Heralded Urban "Crime Wave" May Already Have Peaked February 2, 2016 David Roodman
Aftereffects: In the U.S., Evidence Says Doing More Time Typically Leads to More Crime After September 22, 2017 David Roodman
Accountability in Philanthropy February 3, 2012 Holden Karnofsky
2019 Allocation to GiveWell Top Charities December 10, 2019 Holden Karnofsky
2018 Allocation to GiveWell Top Charities December 12, 2018 Holden Karnofsky