May 2022

Open Philanthropy’s Cause Exploration Prizes

At Open Philanthropy, we aim to give as effectively as we can. To find the best opportunities, we’ve looked at many different causes, some of which have become our current focus areas.

Even after a decade of research, we think there are many excellent grantmaking ideas we haven’t yet uncovered. So we’ve launched the Cause Exploration Prizes around a set of questions that will help us explore new areas.

We’re most interested in responses to our open prompt: “What new cause area should Open Philanthropy consider funding?”

We also have prompts in the following areas: [node:read-more:link]

Request for proposals: Help Open Philanthropy quantify biological risk

Open Philanthropy is seeking proposals from those interested in contributing to a research project informing and estimating biosecurity-relevant numbers and ‘base rates’. We welcome proposals from both research organizations and individuals (at any career stage, including undergraduate and postgraduate students). The work can be structured via contract or grant.

The application deadline is June 5th. [node:read-more:link]

Our Progress in 2021 and Plans for 2022

This post compares our progress with the goals we set forth a year ago, and lays out our plans for the coming year.

In brief: [node:read-more:link]