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Science Supporting Biosecurity and Pandemic Preparedness

Pandemics, natural or person-made, have the potential to cause significant, and perhaps unprecedented, harm. We support breakthrough research in the basic science of infectious disease, pathogen detection and identification, and countermeasures. We are especially interested in research that applies to a wide swath of pathogen types. Others at Open Philanthropy support policy and governance efforts to reduce these risks.

Our Work

Grant 3/2020

Open Philanthropy recommended a grant to the Broad Institute to support research led by Stacey Gabriel on the development, validation, and clinical testing of COVID-19 diagnostic tests.

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Grant 3/2020

Open Philanthropy recommended a grant to UC Davis to support a trial led by Koen Van Rompay of an HSP90 inhibitor as a possible treatment for Zika infections in rhesus macaque monkeys.

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Grant 2/2020

Open Philanthropy recommended an unrestricted grant to Stanford University to support work to test antiviral drug candidates against the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Grant 11/2019

Dr. Mary Staat’s proposed research would follow mother-infant pairs to better understand infant immunome and influenza.

Press 10/2019
from Nature Biotechnology

Nature Biotechnology interviewed Open Philanthropy grantee and Sherlock Biosciences cofounder Pardis Sabeti for its podcast, First Rounders.

Press 3/2019
from Forbes

The gene editing technology CRISPR is the inspiration for a new diagnostic testing company, Sherlock Biosciences. Open Phil provided a grant and investment to help launch the company.

Press 2/2019
from Nature

This powerful gene-editing tool could help to diagnose illnesses such as Lassa fever early and rein in the spread of infection. Open Phil is supporting development of a diagnostic platform to identify any human virus present in a patient sample.

Grant 1/2019

Sherlock Biosciences is leveraging CRISPR to develop a diagnostic platform to quickly, easily, and inexpensively identify any human virus. This significant advance in viral diagnosis could reduce threats from viral pandemics and benefit health care broadly.