Many of the most impactful discoveries in the history of science have been novel, pathbreaking findings that enabled subsequent exploration of whole new areas. We aim to fund basic science that could end up playing that enabling role when we see it as neglected by other potential funders.

Our Work

Grant 11/2017

Preventative vaccines that effectively reduce the incidence of cancer could be a less expensive way to provide decades of healthy life compared to current cancer therapies, which often only extend life for a few months or years.

Blog Post 11/2017

Some research areas are underfunded because achieving the relevant research objectives is underrated by the “broad market.” This post explains our original hopes and expectations, what we have done so far, and our plans going forward.

Cause Report 9/2017

Aging is a major contributor to many causes of death and impairment. Better understanding, and being able to mitigate, the basic mechanisms of aging could contribute to reduced age-related mortality and impairment for a very large number of people.

Grant 8/2017

A better understanding of basic biological mechanisms might help provide a path to treatments for cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, or neurodegenerative diseases, which could reduce mortality and impairment for very large numbers of people.