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University of Notre Dame — Nanopore Protein Sequencing (Gregory Timp) (2021)

Organization Name 
Award Date 
Grant Amount 
To support work developing an instrument to read the amino acid sequence of whole protein molecules.
Topic (focus area) 

Grant investigators: Heather Youngs and Chris Somerville

This page was reviewed but not written by the grant investigators. University of Notre Dame staff also reviewed this page prior to publication.

Open Philanthropy recommended a grant of $1,769,056 over two years to the University of Notre Dame to continue support for Dr. Gregory Timp’s work developing an instrument that uses a sub-nanometer-diameter pore (i.e. a sub-nanopore) to read the amino acid sequence of whole protein molecules. If successful, we believe this tool could facilitate a wide range of basic biological research and ultimately allow for rapid detection of pathogens, thereby improving the diagnosis and treatment of disease as well as potentially improving our ability to respond to pandemic threats.

This follows our June 2017 support, which we recommended as part of our “second chance” program for NIH Transformative Research applicants. It falls within our work on scientific research, specifically within our interest in advancing tools and techniques.