Compassion in World Farming — Farm Animal Welfare Advocacy in China

Traditional pigs at Tongjiang Bashan Ltd: 2015 5 star winner (4 star award in 2014) (Photo courtesy of CIWF)
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To support work to advance farm animal welfare in China
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Published: April 2017 (updated August 2017)

The Open Philanthropy Project recommended a grant of £598,500 ($765,112 at time of conversion) to Compassion in World Farming (Compassion) to support its work to improve farm animal welfare in China. Compassion plans to use this grant to augment the capacity of its dedicated China team, increase technical and operational support, expand its Good Pig Production Awards, roll out its recently-launched Good Chicken and Good Egg Production Awards, and extend work and deepen engagement with its in-country partner, the International Cooperation Committee on Animal Welfare. This grant will triple the scale of Compassion’s corporate and producer engagement in China.

This is one of several grants we are recommending to support farm animal welfare in China.

August 2017 update: we wrote more about our decision to recommend this grant, and other grants to support farm animal welfare in China, on this page.


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