FAI Farms — Promoting Cage Free Eggs in China

Photo courtesy of FAI Farms.
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To support work promoting cage free egg production in China.
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Grant investigator: Lewis Bollard

This page was reviewed but not written by the grant investigator. FAI Farms staff also reviewed this page prior to publication.

The Open Philanthropy Project recommended a contract of $107,200 with FAI Farms to support Chinese farm animal welfare auditor trainings, egg farm audits, and a cage-free conference. These projects will promote cage-free production in China, the world’s largest egg producer, and aim to reduce the suffering of egg-laying hens.

This discretionary funding follows our April 2019 support and falls within our focus area of farm animal welfare.

This contract was agreed to by a 501(c)(4) social welfare organization, to which we occasionally make funding recommendations.

This project was supported through a contractor agreement. While we do not typically publish pages for contractor agreements, we chose to write about this funding because we view it as conceptually similar to an ordinary grant, despite its structure as a contract due to the recipient’s organizational form.