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CLOSED: Farm Animal Welfare Program Associate

We are no longer accepting applications for this role, but we keep the page up so previous links don’t break. If you are excited to support our work, but don’t see any open roles that are a match for your skills, you can always fill out our General Application.

Open Philanthropy is hiring a Farm Animal Welfare Program Associate to help our team identify the most promising opportunities for grantmaking to help animals confined on factory farms. The Farm Animal Welfare team has over 100 grantees based around the world, and working to improve animal welfare using a variety of tactics, including corporate campaigns, legislative advocacy, and reducing barriers to the adoption of animal product alternatives. You can read more about our program’s strategy and past grantmaking here.

About the Role

You would work closely with the other members of the Farm Animal Welfare team (primarily Program Officers Lewis Bollard and Amanda Hungerford) to track and renew existing grants, and assist with investigating new ones. You would:

  • Manage the grant check-in process, track grantee progress toward project goals, and maintain relationships with existing grantees. Preparing for, leading, and summarizing calls with grantees would be a major part of your duties.
  • Conduct due diligence and gather information to help the team make decisions about grant renewals; review and synthesize written materials received from grantees reporting on their progress.
  • Assist with new grant investigations, e.g. vet claims, score predictions, gather information, and make recommendations based on analysis.
  • Verify that budgets, goals, metrics and other grant details are being entered and tracked correctly.

While we envision this role starting out with a high proportion of support tasks, we expect a successful hire to take on more autonomy and responsibility over time.

About You

We are open to applicants with varying levels of seniority and experience (with the understanding that the specifics of the role may be somewhat shaped by the experience and aptitudes of the hire). You might be a good fit if:

  • You are passionate about, and have demonstrated your commitment to, farm animal welfare work. Past work experience in the movement is a bonus, but not necessary.
  • You have good judgment, especially when it comes to deciding which information is more or less important. You will be helping the team with due diligence on grantees and need to make recommendations and judge what information is most important.
  • You have strong analytical skills, especially the ability to quickly grasp complex issues, to identify key points, and to make recommendations based on rigorous analysis.
  • You have great interpersonal skills and social judgment. You will need to be able to build rapport and relationships with grantees, and sometimes communicate about sensitive topics.
  • You have good quantitative skills. You will be expected to assess the cost-effectiveness of potential grant opportunities and to construct and update quantitative measures of movement progress.
  • You have strong research skills. You will need to be able to find hard-to-find information and data, vet claims, assess the credibility of sources, and rapidly acquire knowledge in new areas of expertise.
  • You have excellent written and oral communication skills, especially the ability to explain your views clearly.

    Across roles, we value staff who are able to communicate clearly and honestly about what they think, are comfortable giving and receiving feedback, and comfortable making pragmatic choices, taking into account tradeoffs and evidence of impact. For more information about the qualities we look for in employees at Open Philanthropy, see here.

    Additional information

    • This is a full-time position, which could be done fully remotely or from our San Francisco office.1 The start date is flexible, though we’d prefer someone who could start relatively soon after receiving an offer.
    • As we are considering candidates with a wide range of experience levels, compensation will be decided on a case by case basis. However, we aim to pay competitively enough to make salary unlikely to be a major consideration for candidates who would otherwise be interested in taking this role. If concern about compensation is keeping you from applying, we encourage you to reach out to [email protected].
    • We offer a comprehensive benefits package including full health, dental, vision and life insurance, flexible work hours and location, and a stipend for ergonomic equipment.
    • We are happy to consider candidates who lack U.S. work authorization, and to sponsor eligible candidates, but we don’t control who is and isn’t eligible for a visa and can’t guarantee visa approval. We may be able to hire a successful applicant who lacks U.S. work-authorization to work remotely abroad.

    We are committed to fostering a culture of inclusion and encourage individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences to apply. We especially encourage applications from self-identified women and people of color who are excited about contributing to our mission. Open Philanthropy is an equal opportunity employer. If you need assistance or an accommodation due to a disability, or have any other questions about applying, please contact [email protected].

    • 1. Currently, all Open Philanthropy staff are working from home due to COVID-19 and will continue to do so until it is deemed safe to work from the SF office.