We belong to a community that aims to improve others’ lives as much as possible.

We support organizations and projects that connect people who work to improve the lives of humans and animals around the world. We hope to grow and empower the community of people who use reason and evidence to do as much good as they can.

Many of those people describe themselves as effective altruists, and we think of Open Philanthropy as an organization focused on effective altruism — while acknowledging that this term is subject to multiple interpretations, not all of which apply to us.

This focus area uses the lens of our global health and wellbeing portfolio, just as our longtermism community growth area uses the lens of our longtermism portfolio. The work we fund in this area is primarily focused on identifying and supporting people who are or could eventually become helpful partners, critics, and grantees.

We launched this area very recently, and will add more information on our work (e.g. statistics and sample grants) later on.

The following Open Philanthropy staff oversee the Effective Altruism Community Growth (Global Health and Wellbeing) program.