We aim to support research and strategic work that could reduce risks and improve preparedness.

It appears possible that the coming decades will see substantial progress in artificial intelligence, potentially even to the point where machines come to outperform humans in many or nearly all intellectual domains, though it is difficult or impossible to make confident forecasts in this area. These advances could lead to extremely positive developments, but could also potentially pose risks from misuse, accidents, or harmful societal effects, which could plausibly reach the level of global catastrophic risks. We’re interested in supporting technical research that could reduce the risk of accidents, as well as strategic and policy work that has the potential to improve society’s preparedness for major advances in AI.


Funding opportunities and requests for proposals

We encourage interested individuals to submit expressions of interest for our RFP on benchmarking large language models on consequential real-world tasks.

The following Open Philanthropy staff oversee the Potential Risks from Advanced Artificial Intelligence program.

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