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Charity Science: Health — General Support

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For general support.
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Published: March 2017

Note: This grant was awarded while the Open Philanthropy Project was a partnership between GiveWell and Good Ventures.

Good Ventures, with input from GiveWell, granted $200,000 to Charity Science: Health as one of GiveWell’s Incubation Grants to support the creation of future top charities. This grant will go towards supporting the first year of Charity Science: Health’s work setting up a charity to send SMS immunization reminders in India.

Charity Science: Health was created by members of the effective altruism community with the goal of creating a potential future GiveWell top charity. GiveWell is impressed by the Charity Science: Health team’s track record of transparency, and is confident that they will communicate well, and that it will be easy for GiveWell to learn from their work. See GiveWell’s writeup of this grant for more details.