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gui2de — Zusha! Road Safety Campaign (February 2017)

(Photo courtesy of gui2de)
Award Date 
Grant Amount 
To support the Zusha! Road Safety Campaign.
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Published: August 2017

Note: This grant was awarded while the Open Philanthropy Project was a partnership between GiveWell and Good Ventures.

Good Ventures, with input from GiveWell, awarded a grant of $900,000 to the Georgetown University Initiative on Innovation, Development, and Evaluation (gui2de) for its Zusha! Road Safety Campaign, as part of GiveWell’s Incubation Grants to support the development of potential future top charities and improve the quality of GiveWell’s recommendations.

gui2de, an initiative that incubates and evaluates effective development solutions, manages the Zusha! Road Safety Campaign, which targets unsafe drivers of public service vehicles. The campaign distributes stickers for buses with messages encouraging passengers to speak up and urge drivers to drive more safely. The program’s goal is to reduce traffic accident deaths (which are more common in many developing countries than in most developed countries1).

See GiveWell’s page on this grant for more details.

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