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IDinsight — General Support

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For general support.
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Published: March 2017

Note: This grant was awarded while the Open Philanthropy Project was a partnership between GiveWell and Good Ventures.

Good Ventures, with input from GiveWell, awarded a grant of $1,985,000 over three years to IDinsight in June of 2016 for general operating support.

IDinsight supports and conducts rigorous evaluations of development interventions, often involving randomized controlled trials, with an explicit focus on providing useful data to inform funders and policy makers. This “decision-focused evaluation” model appears to us to be both uncommon and particularly aligned with GiveWell’s goals. We hope this grant will allow IDinsight to scale its model of supporting and evaluating development interventions, ideally (in the long term) providing GiveWell with research that it will be able to use in its work to recommend top charities. See GiveWell’s writeup of this grant for more details.