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IDinsight — Scaling Up a High-Potential Development Intervention

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To support IDinsight's work to identify an implementing partner for scaling up a high-potential development intervention.
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Published: March 2017

Note: This grant was awarded while the Open Philanthropy Project was a partnership between GiveWell and Good Ventures.

Good Ventures awarded a grant of $34,382 to IDinsight as part of our effort to support the development of new GiveWell top charities.

GiveWell and IDinsight generated a list of several programs that have been evaluated by a single randomized controlled trial which found strong results, but where additional studies have not been undertaken to determine whether the results can be replicated, and which, as far as we know, are not currently being scaled up by an existing organization.

This grant will support the second phase of the initiative to “identify an appropriate context and partner” for scaling up — and generating further evidence regarding — one such high-potential intervention. GiveWell and IDinsight have tentatively chosen the incentives for immunization program and expect its implementation to take place in India, though both the program and location could change.

Normally IDinsight works in a demand-driven manner, in which policymakers and managers approach IDinsight to evaluate program options to guide their own decision-making. This project, which aims to identify and convince an implementing partner to implement a new program, represents a new approach for IDinsight.

See GiveWell’s writeup of this grant for more details.