We are interested in one-off high-impact opportunities and grants that support the development of potential future top charities.

While GiveWell’s top charities typically have a strong evidence base, there are other organizations and interventions that have very high potential cost-effectiveness but are either standalone opportunities or need seed-stage support to develop a track record of impact so that we (or others) can help scale them up. GiveWell’s Incubation Grants program identifies giving opportunities along these lines as well as other opportunities to improve the quality of GiveWell’s recommendations. Grants in this category include academic research to build the evidence base for a promising program, early-stage seed funding for a promising organization, support for monitoring and evaluation of an existing organization, or interim or stopgap funding for particularly high-impact opportunities.

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GiveWell is a nonprofit dedicated to finding outstanding giving opportunities through in-depth analysis. Its top charities are evidence-backed, thoroughly vetted, and underfunded. Read more about our partnership with GiveWell.

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