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CLOSED: Apply to Join the Farm Animal Welfare Team

We are no longer accepting applications for these roles, but we keep these pages up so previous links don’t break. If you are excited to support our work, but don’t see any open roles that are a match for your skills, you can always fill out our General Application.

The Farm Animal Welfare team works to identify the most promising opportunities for grantmaking to help animals, especially those confined on factory farms. The Farm Animal Welfare team has over 100 grantees based around the world, and works to improve animal welfare using a variety of tactics, including corporate campaigns, legislative advocacy, and reducing barriers to the adoption of animal product alternatives. You can read more about our program’s strategy and past grantmaking here.

As the team prepares to scale its giving, we are hiring additional program associates and senior program associates to help vet new advocacy and science grants, assess the impact of our current work, and answer key empirical questions that will affect our strategy going forward.

Who might be a good fit

We are hiring for three different roles, but qualities we’ll be looking for across all of them include:

  • A strong interest in reducing the suffering of farm animals, and in Open Philanthropy’s mission of doing as much good as possible per dollar.
  • An interest in pragmatically analyzing the most cost-effective ways to maximize our impact, and a willingness to acknowledge tradeoffs and “follow the numbers.” Past work experience in the farm animal welfare movement is not required for most of the roles, but is a plus.
  • Strong analytical and critical thinking skills. You must be comfortable critically evaluating claims, thinking probabilistically, and working with imperfect information. Strong quantitative skills and experience with Bayesian reasoning are only required for the modeling and research track position, but are a plus for all roles.
  • Ability to work well remotely and with a large degree of autonomy; the team is not currently co-located and spans multiple time zones. We are looking for candidates who will be able to quickly grasp the team’s priorities and feel comfortable driving projects forward and making judgment calls relatively independently.
  • Good written and oral communication skills, especially the ability to explain your views clearly and with strong reasoning transparency.

How to Apply

The positions listed below may have some overlapping responsibilities with other associate or senior associate roles within the Farm Animal Welfare team. The deadlines for the Program Associate - Generalist Grantmaking, Program Associate - Modeling & Research, and Program Associate - Science roles have now passed.

The application form for this role has a spot for you to indicate which other roles you’re interested in being considered for, and we’ll let you know if you’ve applied for role X but seem like a potential fit for role Y, so don’t worry too much about cutting off your options.

  • Modeling & Research
  • Program Associate - Generalist Grantmaking
  • Program Associate - Science

For all roles, we are open to considering candidates with varying levels of seniority. If you have applied to work at Open Philanthropy before, depending on what position(s) you applied for, we may be able to use some of your previous application information, which will make it faster to apply again. If you have any questions about applying, please contact [email protected].

Please apply by 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time on May 9, 2022 to be considered.