American Civil Liberties Union Foundation — Disability Rights Fellowship

Grant investigator: Chloe Cockburn
This page was reviewed but not written by the grant investigator. American Civil Liberties Union Foundation staff also reviewed this page prior to publication.

The Open Philanthropy Project recommended a grant of $45,000 to the American Civil Liberties Union Foundation’s Disability Rights Program to support a fellowship for Zoe Brennan-Krohn, a disability rights attorney. Ms. Brennan-Krohn plans to use this grant to pilot litigation and advocacy to move people with mental disabilities from jails to communities. She will be working under the supervision of Susan Mizner, whose work is well-regarded by Chloe Cockburn, our Program Officer for Criminal Justice Reform and the investigator for this grant. We see this grant as an opportunity to support the training of an early-career attorney who we believe has the potential to become a powerful advocate for reducing incarceration of people with mental disabilities.

This is a discretionary grant.