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Grant investigator: Lewis Bollard

This page was reviewed but not written by the grant investigator. Animal Welfare Standards Project staff also reviewed this page prior to publication.

The Open Philanthropy Project recommended a grant of $2,064,034 AUD (approximately $1,467,570 US at the time of conversion; this amount may be adjusted based on future exchange rates) over three years to the Animal Welfare Standards Project (AWSP) to create an animal welfare-focused institute, to be called the Sino-Australian Animal Welfare Centre, within China. Specifically, AWSP intends to use these funds to open a central hub in Beijing, in liaison with the China Agricultural University, to focus on attitudes, motivations, engagement, and outreach on animal welfare. AWSP will be collaborating with other institutes around China to build animal welfare capacities across the region and hopes these institutes will help develop Chinese animal welfare subject matter experts.

This grant is a renewal of our December 2016 support, and falls within our focus area of farm animal welfare. Since our first grant, AWSP has conducted 32 stakeholder workshops and 18 focus groups, created 26 training modules and 22 training videos, and is surveying Chinese producers to assess the full impact of its preliminary activities. The AWSP team have also conducted research with livestock stakeholders across six Asian countries to explore animal welfare initiatives that are likely to be embraced and therefore successful.

Animal Welfare Standards Project — Farm Animal Welfare Advocacy in Asia

Published: March 2017

The Open Philanthropy Project recommended a grant of $238,212 to the Animal Welfare Standards Project to support its work to advance farm animal welfare in East and Southeast Asia. The Animal Welfare Standards Project plans to use this grant to run workshops to train local “facilitators” on animal welfare best practices in pig and poultry production, transport, and slaughter. These local facilitators will then train other producers, transporters, and slaughterers. This project is expected to include extensive evaluation, which we expect will enable us to assess whether the workshops successfully improve slaughter practices, as well as research into ways to better engage livestock stakeholders across Asia in improving animal welfare, which the Animal Welfare Standards Project plans to use to inform future work on farm animal welfare.


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