Council on Energy, Environment, and Water — Air Quality Sensors in South Asia

Grant investigators: Zachary Robinson and Alexander Berger

This page was reviewed but not written by the grant investigators. CEEW staff also reviewed this page prior to publication.

Open Philanthropy recommended a grant of $410,000 to the Council on Energy, Environment, and Water (CEEW) to collaborate with the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IIT Delhi) and Professor Joshua Apte of UC Berkeley to install a network of low-cost air quality sensors in South Asia and conduct research and policy outreach on their use. The area that the air quality sensors will monitor has some of the worst air quality in the world. IIT Delhi, CEEW, and Professor Apte intend to use the data they collect from the air quality sensors to inform policies that address air pollution in South Asia.

This falls within our focus area of global health and development. For more about our strategy in this area, read our South Asian air quality cause report.