Washington University in St. Louis — Research on Cryptosporidium Hominis (David Sibley)

Grant investigators: Heather Youngs and Chris Somerville

This page was reviewed but not written by the grant investigators. Washington University in St. Louis staff also reviewed this page prior to publication.

Open Philanthropy recommended a grant of $1,154,589 over three years to Washington University in St. Louis to support research led by Professor David Sibley on Cryptosporidium hominis (C. hominis), a species of human-specific parasite that is one of the leading causes of pediatric diarrheal deaths and long-term disability in the developing world. This funding is intended to support work to culture and study C. hominis in order to better understand and lessen the burden of diarrheal disease.

This falls within our work on scientific research, specifically within our interest in advancing human health and wellbeing.


The grant amount was updated in June 2022.