Research & Ideas

We aim to share our findings openly so that anyone can build on our work. A basic overview of our process is available here, and below we share much of the background work that has led to our current priorities.

Notable lessons

We’ve collected the blog posts we’ve made about important lessons we’ve learned or judgment calls we’re making. Together, they give an in-depth picture of our philosophy about giving, and where it comes from.
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Cause Reports

In choosing focus areas, we conduct a variety of investigations into different causes. Our writeups summarize what we’ve learned about the importance, neglectedness and tractability of the causes we’ve investigated.
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Much of the information we rely on comes from conversations. For key information-gathering conversations, we often write up the key points made by the people with whom we’ve spoken and post the notes with their permission.
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History of Philanthropy

What has philanthropy accomplished? We’ve reviewed the existing literature on the history of philanthropy, and we are supporting historians to produce more, to inform our picture of what great giving looks like. We believe that philanthropy often operates best on long time horizons, so we want to learn from role models whose impact took time to play out.
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