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ARNOVA — History of Philanthropy Prize

Organization Name 
Award Date 
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To support a prize for publications on the history of philanthropy.
Topic (focus area) 

Note: This page was created using content published by Good Ventures and GiveWell, the organizations that created the Open Philanthropy Project, before this website was launched. Uses of “we” and “our” on this page may therefore refer to Good Ventures or GiveWell, but they still represent the work of the Open Philanthropy Project.

As part of our history of philanthropy project, the Open Philanthropy Project recommended a $2,000 grant to the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA, to support a prize for publications on the history of philanthropy in memory of Peter Dobkin Hall, a leading historian of philanthropy.

More detail about this grant is available in the following attachments which contain excerpts from emails between Benjamin Soskis (a consultant working for the Open Philanthropy Project’s History of Philanthropy project) and us. These excerpts are available here.

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  • Excerpts from emails about ARNOVA Grant