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University of Pennsylvania — Research on Mammalian Reproduction (Kotaro Sasaki) (2019)

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To support research on mammalian reproduction.
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Grant investigators: Chris Somerville and Heather Youngs

This page was reviewed but not written by the grant investigator. UPenn staff also reviewed this page prior to publication.

The Open Philanthropy Project recommended a grant of $660,000 over three years to the University of Pennsylvania to support research by Professor Kotaro Sasaki on mammalian reproduction. Dr. Sasaki’s proposed research would be specifically focused on development of gametes from stem cells.

Progress in this area could eventually enable people with fertility challenges to have children and could eventually help reduce the incidence of a wide variety of congenital diseases and promote other positive outcomes. Dr. Sasaki’s research is amongst the most promising our science team has encountered so far in this field.

This falls within our work on scientific research, specifically within our interest in advancing transformative basic science.