We seek to support the development of cheaper and better animal product alternatives.

We believe that developing plant-based alternatives to meat and eggs that are cost- and taste-competitive with animal-based foods could greatly reduce the amount of meat and eggs produced, and thereby greatly reduce pain and suffering of animals produced for food.

Recently, demand for meat alternatives has begun increasing. We hope that our work in this area will help meat alternatives continue to become more widespread and convenient while also increasing the availability of high-quality alternatives to other animal products. In order to accomplish our goals in this area, we have occasionally collaborated with Open Philanthropy’s Scientific Research team, which is also interested in supporting the development of plant-based meat replacements.

Prospective Funders

If you are a funder interested in donating significantly to farm animal welfare, factory farming, or alternative protein work, we are happy to work with you to identify the best giving opportunities. We are eager to work in partnership with other funders and share information to help resources go to the best work. If interested, please email [email protected].

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