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Founders Pledge — General Support (2018)

The Founders Pledge team. (Photo courtesy of Founders Pledge)
Organization Name 
Award Date 
Grant Amount 
For general support.
Topic (focus area) 

Grant investigator: Nick Beckstead

This page was reviewed but not written by the grant investigator. Founders Pledge staff also reviewed this page prior to publication.

The Open Philanthropy Project recommended three grants totaling $5,222,653 to Founders Pledge for general support over three years. Founders Pledge, based in London, encourages technology entrepreneurs to pledge a chosen percentage of their proceeds upon exit to charity, and supports them in making thoughtful and impactful decisions about where to give.

This funding represents a renewal of our 2016 grant recommendation to Founders Pledge. Since that time, Founders Pledge has increased its pledge commitments and a large percentage of donations made by founders taking their pledge have been to organizations that prioritize an evidence based approach with respect to their interventions. However, its expansion into other parts of Europe has been more limited than anticipated. Instead, FP has shifted its primary expansion focus to the United States and Canada.

We hope this funding will reduce Founders Pledge’s time spent on organizational fundraising so that it can spend more time securing pledges from entrepreneurs and helping them to donate thoughtfully and impactfully.

This grant falls within our interest in supporting effective altruism.

The grant amount above was updated in September 2019.