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Animal Equality — International Cage-Free Advocacy

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To support international advocacy to end the confinement of hens in battery cages.
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Published: October 2016

The Open Philanthropy Project recommended a grant of $500,000 over two years to Animal Equality to support its work to end the confinement of hens in battery cages.

Earlier in 2016, we recommended a series of grants to support corporate cage-free campaigns and wrote on our blog about why we see this as a promising strategy to promote farm animal welfare. The present funding, part of a new series of grants focusing on international cage-free advocacy, will support Animal Equality’s work in Latin America, Europe, and Asia.1

We do not plan to write in more detail about this grant at this time.


Animal Equality, Budget SummaryUnpublished
  • 1.

    “Animal Equality will launch its International Corporate Outreach Department in September 2016 with plans to initially hire four Corporate Outreach Managers to oversee the corporate and policy initiatives; as well as three Corporate Campaign Coordinators. This staff will work in Latin America, Europe and Asia, focusing mainly in Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Italy and India.

    The organization will use these funds to leverage its already strong international presence in most of these countries, as well as its undercover investigations, to encourage grocery stores, food manufacturers, restaurant chains, and producers to eliminate cages for egg-laying hens.

    Animal Equality intends to persuade approximately 10 companies, in each of the five aforementioned countries, to stop using caged eggs as part of their supply chain by the end of 2016, and 25 companies in each of those countries by the end of 2017.”

    Animal Equality, Budget Summary