World Animal Protection — Broiler Chicken Welfare (April 2019)

World Animal Protection plans to increase its broiler chicken campaigns. (Photo courtesy of World Animal Protection)
Organization Name 
Award Date 
Grant Amount 
To support corporate chicken campaigns in Thailand and Indonesia.
Topic (focus area) 

Grant investigator: Amanda Hungerford

This page was reviewed but not written by the grant investigator. WAP staff also reviewed this page prior to publication.

The Open Philanthropy Project recommended a grant of $781,498 over two years to World Animal Protection (WAP) to support corporate broiler chicken campaigns in Southeast Asia with a focus on Thailand and Indonesia. WAP plans to increase its broiler chicken campaigns in Thailand and perform scoping research to lay the groundwork for future campaigns in Indonesia, as both Thailand and Indonesia have large numbers of farmed birds.

This follows our March 2017 grant and falls within our focus area of farm animal welfare.