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Current Priorities

This page gives an overview of the work our team is prioritizing most highly, and kinds of giving opportunities we’re seeking, at this time.

Updated: July 2016

U.S. policy

Our current focus areas are Criminal Justice Reform, Farm Animal Welfare, Macroeconomic Stabilization Policy, Immigration Policy, and Land Use Reform. Read more about our focus areas in U.S. policy.

Global catastrophic risks

Our current focus areas are potential risks from advanced artificial intelligence and biosecurity and pandemic preparedness. Read more about our work on global catastrophic risks.

Scientific research

We have not yet identified focus areas in the category of scientific research. The most recent summary of our progress is available in our update on investigating neglected goals in biological research.

Other areas

We support organizations seeking to grow and empower the effective altruism community (more).

We have not yet identified focus areas for global health & development. Currently, the best giving opportunities we know of in this category are GiveWell’s top charities. (Read more about GiveWell’s relationship to the Open Philanthropy Project.)

We sometimes make grants in other miscellaneous categories when we come across strong giving opportunities.